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The Doors System Engineer is responsible for the evolution and integration of the hardware and software parts of communication systems to meet customer requirements for projects. Specific. It verifies and validates requirements throughout the lifecycle of the project.




  • Review and analyse requirements: Customer, legislative and local Standards.

  • Review Customer / Product provided ‘Train Concept of Operation’ and identify risks or opportunities to the existing Product / Building Block design.

  • Review and analyse technical data and operational concepts to establish derived system/subsystem requirements and prepare train concept/architecture that align with all relevant engineering scopes of the engineering teams, partners and suppliers.

  • Prepare Train-level concepts (e.g. Diagnostics Concept, Security Concept, Train-to-Wayside Communication Concept, etc.)

  • Coordinate with all engineering areas to align design decisions and ensure common understanding

  • Develop work plans and estimates as they relate to systems integration work tasks

  • Research, evaluate, and recommend systems/equipment/technologies based upon client and/or system needs

  • Coordinate system development tasks to include design, integration  and  formal testing

  • Create and maintain programmatic and technical documentation to insure efficient planning and execution

  • Draft technical instructions, engineering plans, technical designs, and other systems integration related documents

  • Develop work plans and estimates as they relate to the identified works

  • Interface with various team members such as management, administration, procurement, legal, and support staff on a regular basis

  • Support transition into production

  • Provide customer design related support : systems failures analysis, troubleshooting, solution development and integration

  • Develop and complete actions in system specifications, technical and logistical requirements and other disciplines


  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering


  • Experience in the railroad integration of systems.
  • Expertise in the design and integration of entrance systems.
  • Expertise in system failures analysis, troubleshooting and solution integration
  • Ability for analysis and synthesis
  • Good working method and time management
  • Autonomy, stringency, resourcefulness and flexibility
  • Knowledge of system engineering processes


  • Has 2 years minimum practical experience in doors system engineering

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